Eli Mason now Available at Savory Spice Shop in Franklin, TN (37064)

Savory Spice Shop on the Franklin square is the kind of place where you could spend two hours without even noticing it. The shop itself is not large, but its charms are as concentrated as the spices that line its shelves. And the folks who work there are passionate about spices and experimentation. They love talking about flavors!

Ask for the vanilla bean world tour. Or what makes Saigon cinnamon different from Ceylon. Everything in the store is available to sample, including Eli Mason's full line of cocktail mixers, which are now on the shelves!

Ever wonder what exactly pimento wood is used for? Or what you can do with lime leaves and star anise. Or how to make the perfect pumpkin spice cookies. Savory Spice Shop in Franklin has your next secret ingredient in stock. Go visit them today!

Source: http://www.savoryspiceshop.com/tennessee/d...