Maximum Fun: Eli Mason sponsors Stop Podcasting Yourself

When Eli was in school in Mississippi, there was a little college radio show out of California that was also broadcast in Hattiesburg. (Total market penetration: UC Santa Cruz and Hattiesburg, MS.) The show's host, though very young and ... did we mention? ... on a college radio station ... managed to create the most real and sincerely interested/interesting conversations with some of the best entertainers in the business. We're talkin 'bout folks like Paul Reubens, Maria Bamford, Penn Jillette, and countless legendary musicians. How he landed this caliber of guest will remain one of life's great mysteries.

That host was Jesse Thorne, America's Radio Sweetheart, and that show was The Sound of Young America (TSOYA). Along with sidekick Jordan Morris (Boy Detective), TSOYA brought together comedians, musicians, writers, historians, and more for a deep dive into their collective passions.

It's been a decade since we first heard Jesse's dulcet tones coming over the airwaves, and he has grown the Maximum Fun radio network into an empire of more than 20 podcasts (one of which is distributed by NPR to 60+ markets), a cruise, a kickass convention, and just a place to celebrate everything that's awesome. To paraphrase one listener, MaxFun shows are like listening to people be friends.

Eli Mason + SPY

To celebrate our recent launch into Canada through our partnership with The Crafty Bartender, Eli Mason is now sponsoring our favorite MaxFun show and three-time Canadian Comedy Award winners, Stop Podcasting Yourself (SPY). Hosts Dave and Graham put together a great spot for us, which starts at 1:06:20. And as luck would have it, our first sponsored show also featured Canadian maniac and SPY favorite Jon Dore. Don't miss this episode. Don't miss any of them.

We've been wanting to support the work of the MaxFun network for years, and we finally saw our chance. Thanks to MaxFun for making such beautiful, awesome things available for free for all these years. Check out their lineup here and stay tuned for our second upcoming SPY spot, which drops on December 8th.