Cocktails on the Radio: Eli Mason & The Bottle Shop on Lightning 100

The BottleShop has invited Eli Mason to anchor their tasting bar this weekend. To kick things off right, we joined BottleShop co-owner Dave this morning on Lightning 100 to share some cocktails with Wells Adams. Drinking at 7:00am? One simply does what one can.

Listen to the interview here! We hold forth on the venerable Old Fashioned, crack open a bottle of Gomme Syrup (how do you pronounce that anyway?), and even mix up an Eli Mason original Seaside Smash (recipe below).

There we are in the booth with fellow Ole Miss grad Wells Adams. That colorful beverage in his hand is a refreshing Seaside Smash made with bourbon, mint, citrus and Eli Mason Gomme Syrup. Click the photo for the full recipe.

You can make the Seaside Smash your own by tweaking the citrus amounts and varieties. Instead of mint and orange, why not basil and grapefruit? Substitute lime for lemon. Or swap the orange bitters for something a little more spicy. The most important thing is to have fun with it.

Hope to see you tonight or tomorrow at The BottleShop, beside Whole Foods in Franklin, TN.

Have a great weekend!