Eli Mason now Available in Greenville, SC at Swamp Rabbit Cafe!

It's official, folks. Eli Mason is now engaged in interstate commerce. First we were available in one bar in Nashville. Then we were added by a few local shops. Then our first Canadian partner placed a big order and we mailed a few samples to Amsterdam. Last week we sent a few cases to the UK. This thing is happening, y'all. Back on 'murican soil, you can get your Old Fashioned fix in Greenville, South Carolina at Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery! Local groceries, fresh produce, coffee drinks, homemade pastries, Turkish Pogachas, Brazilian Pao De Queijo ... all independently owned and operated ... this is just the kind of place we love to support. (Co-owner Mary swears she doesn't just stock us because her son is named Eli, but it probably doesn't hurt!)

Greenville, get out there and take home a taste of Nashville. And next time you're traveling West, let's grab a drink and have a good-natured argument about BBQ.