The Blundon Bourbon Review takes on Eli Mason

The Blundon Bourbon Review recently sampled a few cocktail mixers from Eli Mason. Read their review here. Short version:

These were a hit!

Medium version:

If you have the time, its a lot of fun to grab all the individual ingredients (sugar cube, bitters, cherry, etc.) and find what creation taste best to you. That being said, Eli Mason syrups taste very good, and while an Eli Mason Old Fashioned wasn’t quiet as charming as my Old Fashioned at the Imperial, it certainly holds a candle to many drinks that  I’ve ordered out while at a bar.  With summer in full swing, I recommend you give these syrups a try for your next get together! Its a great way to introduce the classics to a wider audience.

Eli agrees that a truly bespoke cocktail is a thing of beauty. But when sufficient time, space, supplies, or ingredients are not readily at hand, Eli Mason makes it easy to mix a quality dram without much fuss.

Thank you, Gaven!