Peek Behind the Scenes of Eli Mason at Small Food Business

Javaneh from Hummus Chick introduced me to the Small Food Business website and community. If you're wondering where to start turning your passion for food into a viable business, sign up for their newsletter and peruse their available resources today. Jennifer from Small Food Business recently reached out for an interview to learn more about the story behind Eli Mason, including how long it took to get off the ground and what plans we have for the future.

For the real behind the scenes scoop with a small-business focus, check out theEntrepreneur Spotlight on Eli Mason.

Here's a quick highlight.

Could you see Don Draper sliding up to the bar and ordering an appletini? But neither would he fuss over whether his ice was flown in from a melting glacier.

I’m trying to bridge the gap between the hardcore cocktail geek and someone who drinks only light beer. Cocktails should be fun. Adults don’t have much fun. Let’s have fun with it.