Introducing Eli Mason Mint Julep Cocktail Mixer

Dust off your floppy hat, send your seersucker to the cleaners, and polish the silver cups. The first Saturday in May approaches, and with it the biggest event in North American thoroughbred racing: The Kentucky Derby. And what's the Derby without the appropriate cocktail? Meet Eli Mason's newest concoction, the Mint Julep cocktail mixer.

The mint julep is not just a Derby thing. In fact, Juleps comprise their very own category in classic mixology and often featured southern staples like peach and blackberry, as well as spirits like brandy and rum.

But the the mint julep is a fine introduction to the category, and Eli Mason's Mint Julep cocktail mixer has been so popular in early testing, we have decided to offer it year-round.

How do we make it? Read on.

Eli Mason Mint Julep bottle collection

Most mint syrups on the market taste like mouthwash. Not this beauty.

We start by boiling handfuls of fresh spearmint to release its essence and then filter and combine this homemade extract with two kinds of sugar, pure cane and turbinado for color and depth of flavor. We finish it off with a dash of homemade organic gomme syrup for that rich texture we love in a craft cocktail.

This multi-stage process creates a mixer that's not only complex and colorful but also delightfully cooling on the tongue. It's sophisticated enough to serve in a silver cup but accessible enough for those who may be on the fence about bourbon.

Where to Buy?

Starting today, you can find Eli Mason Mint Julep cocktail mixer in Nashville at GasLamp, Hey Rooster, Green Door Gourmet, KORE, and more. Visit our buy local page to find the retailer nearest you (maybe give them a call to make sure they haven't sold out).

Our friends from out of town are encouraged to call their favorite local shop and demand (er, ask politely) that they start stocking Eli Mason.

Special Opportunity for Newsletter Subscribers

In the words of Bob Ross, here's a happy little accident. We discovered that a quart-sized Mason jar of Eli Mason Mint Julep cocktail mixer is the perfect amount to mix with a handle of bourbon (1.75 liters) to make a giant punchbowl of Mint Juleps.

Who's ready to party?

Quart Jar of Mint Julep mixer

We've made only one of these beauties and we're giving it away to a lucky newsletter subscriber. If you're not on the list already, it's too late to win this one-of-a-kind prize. But hop on Eli's no-spam mailing list today to participate in future giveaways.