Eli Mason Sweepstakes Winners - January 2014

Thank you all for the likes, shares, and comments this week. We wish we could put an Eli Mason Old Fashioned in every fan’s hand. Instead, how about FREE SHIPPING to the US on all online pre-orders placed by January 31st, 2014? Use coupon code FREESHIPJANat our store to make it happen.

And now, your winners of the January 2014 "Win it Before You Can Buy it" sweepstakes:

  1. Susan Turney (Tammy Turney Baca, Jan Johnson Imhoff)
  2. Sarah Wilkerson (Shannon Moreland LeVert, Kaye Wilkerson)
  3. Teli Justin (Jake Teliszczak, Hunter Compton)
  4. Mike Hernandez (Binx Owns, Taylor Gentry)
  5. Brian Chupim Debs (Kevin Debs, David Eichorn Levine)
  6. Josh Mason (Sarah Tareese, Casey Mason)
  7. Dee Dee N (Tammy M Nelson Jones, Shonda Nevaagain)
  8. Ronald J Amplement (Tony Mendola, Jeremy Wells)

CLAIM YOUR PRIZE: The winning commenter should visit our Contact Page and use that Contact Form to send us your name and mailing address. We will send you three bottles and you’re responsible for sharing them with your co-conspirators. We recommend a tasting party.

If any prizes go unclaimed through the end of January, we’ll do another giveaway with 'em.

If you’re curious, here’s how we chose the winners: We pulled all comments into a spreadsheet and ran a random number generator to choose eight. In the event that a comment was ineligible to win (didn’t tag anyone, tagged a curtain rod - ha!), we chose in advance whether we would go up or down the list to the next eligible comment.

Thanks to everyone for entering and supporting this thing. We’ll be in touch.